Orange and Blue – Your Audience Engagement Agency

We love partnering with charities, non-profit organisations and small businesses to achieve their goals through: audience engagement.

The key difference is focussing on what you are hoping for instead of delivering a product like a new website, social media management or even just a brochure. We’ll work with you to consider who your audience is, where they are and how to engage them. Putting together a coordinated series of products to find, build and engage that audience. Making sure that everything connects and, importantly, is trackable and measurable.

If you have commissioned print, websites and social media management before and have just been left with a feel-good factor but little return on investment, then perhaps we can offer a slightly different, more effective, perspective.

If you are looking for a ‘partner’, rather than a service provider, then let’s explore how Orange and Blue can help your business or organisation engage more successfully.


Clare Harper

Clare’s background is mainly in marketing and admin primarily within publishing and the arts. A city girl at heart, Clare has worked in London and Paris and now enjoys travelling the world virtually from her rural office in the Cotswolds!


Engagement Engineer

Clare, our original member of the team with a focus on engagement, now works across the range of our clients helping to engage their audience via social media channels, direct email campaigns and website content. Clare’s background in marketing means she has a keen eye for user needs and her administrative skills means the ‘t’s are crossed and the ‘i’s are dotted.


Michelle Aston

A Theology postgraduate, Michelle has a strong interest in religion and a passion for digital marketing having run her own online network for local mum-preneurs for the past two years. Michelle previously worked as a project manager for local government and the police.


Engagement Engineer

Michelle works with our wonderful clients helping to engage their audience via social media channels, direct email campaigns and website content. Michelle is excellent at thinking outside the box, researching thoroughly and making sure different aspects of a project connect.


Sam Hobbs

Having added an MSc in Cognitive Science to a Linguistics degree, Sam’s career has included academic research in Australia and the UK alongside commercial UX/IA/Learning Design as a creator and as a leader of teams. She has also had fun working in a variety of countries and cultures from Zambia to Australia via Turkish Cyprus and Mauritius. In all roles she has specialised in helping Clients and Users achieve their aims through appropriate use of technology.


Information Architect and User Experience Designer

Sam is often the first person to talk with new clients, building a friendly relationship that is the foundation for good productive collaboration. With a view of working on projects from brief to actually seeing a return on investment, Sam is focused on lining everything up so both our clients and their clients are delighted with the results.


Katie Boodell

With 6 years of experience in bookkeeping for self employment, Katie is now enjoying the challenge of a Ltd company alongside studying for AAT qualifications taking a complete U-turn on her current career within Thames Valley Police.


Bookkeeper and Accounts Management

In short, Katie pays the bills. Ensuring that the record keeping and financial transactions are kept in order. In addition to making sure that we can keep on delivering what our clients demand, excellence!


Tom Orr

Lead Developer and Technical Engineer

Working with the whole team from the beginning of any project, Tom brings technical and development insight where it is needed, at the design stage, then delivers it online and in your browsers. Answering questions that begin “Can we just…?” with “Yes we can…” makes Tom one of our favourites!

Tom also keeps the show on the road! With an overview of all our online services and products Tom does what is needed to host, maintain and support our clients websites and services.


Megan Hartley


Meg gained a Foundation Degree in Web Design in 2016, alongside working as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer for several years. Her love for all things creative has given her experience with digital design, print design, photography and web development. She enjoys getting involved with all things creative, and loves seeing a project come to life on the web or in print. Megan is excited to learn loads of new skills at her new position as a Designer & Developer at Orange and Blue


Tarra Gilder-Rai

Business Manager

Tarra is an MBA qualified Manager with almost two decades of experience in analysing, transforming and overseeing businesses. Her skills are varied and range from the back office functions of Financial and Operations Management, to the front office functions of Communications, Marketing and Business Development. She is experienced in multi-industry use of both waterfall and agile project management methodologies.

Prior to joining Orange and Blue, Tarra provided management consultancy to a range of clients, following a career in the City where she worked as the right hand to the Managing Director of KBC Bank and was directly involved in the transformation of all UK Operations & Assets into a single entity. Before KBC, Tarra worked for the financial technology company Complete Genius, where she was much more directly involved in day-to-day operations, driving the research, development and transformation of the software development service provider into a leading-edge financial services product provider.

Tarra ensures the smooth running of Orange and Blue’s day-to-day business operations while promoting organisational development and business growth