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Part-time Copywriter

Who are we? We’re an agency that seeks to make a difference. Working primarily with charities and not-for-profits, sharing their passion and helping achieve their goals. Working to find, build and engage an audience we supply ongoing services that include consultation, branding, design for print, websites and online services, digital marketing and social media management.... Read More

Saving Time, Saving Paper

Not only do church trusts across the country share the same purpose to repair and restore churches, they also share a common problem: the key user journeys; that of applying for a grant and participating in sponsored events such as Ride and Stride are resource intensive both in terms of time and paper. As a... Read More

Orange and Blue for the community

I really enjoy being Creative Director at OandB, especially because of our clients, driven by passion and working hard to make a change for the better (sometimes volunteering). I find this very inspiring for my day to day creative work. My work also allows me to choose a pro bono project and to help the... Read More

Engaging Families With Sponsored Events

Families are an essential audience for marketing sponsored events as they tend to have a fantastic social network through friends, school and local clubs which means they have plenty of opportunities to spread the word, perfect if they are attending one of your sponsored events. In other words if you want to increase your audience... Read More

Why We Love Working With Historic Church Trusts

Unless you regularly attend Church or have a keen interest in local church history and architecture it is unlikely that you’ve heard of your local historic church trust. This presents itself as both an issue and an opportunity for them to spread the news of all the great work they do. Not only providing grants... Read More

Visiting Clients to Review Websites

Graham outside St Paul's Cathedral on the way to Academny of Social Science Offices

When we review websites for clients we like to make it personal and visit them on-site. This week included a visit to the Academy of Social Science and Campaign for Social Science at their offices in London.Read More

Win the Moments that Matter with Expert Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

The ‘mobile first’ revolution has arrived with a boom! It has diversified our shopping habits and transformed the way we surf the internet. As business owners, ‘mobile’ presents us with our toughest challenge yet in terms of winning and retaining ‘market share’. And by far our biggest opportunity. Great mobile web design is no longer... Read More

Go Mobile: Choose ‘Future-Proof’ Responsive Web Design

Future-Proof Responsive Web Design

With sales made from mobile devices eclipsing ‘desktop’ sales for the first time last year, you know you need a mobile web solution that works seamlessly for your business. But which one? When people talk about websites being ‘mobile-friendly’ generally they are referring to those which incorporate ‘responsive design’ technology. Choosing responsive web design means... Read More

Searching for Affordable Mobile Website Design?

Affordable Mobile Website Design

If your website doesn’t look good on mobile, then neither will you – sorry to be blunt! In this ‘age of the mobile consumer’ every business owner who is serious about outsmarting the competition will need to provide their customers and clients with a superior mobile experience; one that puts their rivals firmly in the... Read More

Create ‘Client Personas’ in 10 Minutes or Less!

An collage of different face parts to illustrate Client Personas

Every successful marketing strategy starts with identifying your core target audience; after all, you can’t begin building a library of great content to share, until you know who that content is aimed at. You need to create what’s known as a ‘client persona’. It’s highly likely that you will go on to develop various client... Read More

16 Audience Engagement Strategies for 2016

16 Audience Engagement Strategies for 2016

Determined to make 2016 a breakthrough year for your business? Then use our ’16 Audience Engagement Strategies for 2016′ to kick-start your next marketing campaign. 1. Build an Authority Blog If you want to cement your online presence you need a blog. But not just any old blog; you want to create what’s known as... Read More

Oxfordshire B2Bs and B2Cs: What Does ‘Audience Engagement’ Mean to You?

Audience Engagement tools

If you own or run a small-medium-sized business here in lovely Oxfordshire, (as we do), then we’re keen to know what the term ‘audience engagement’ means for you and your business . . . Audience Engagement: Definition ‘Audience Engagement’> might sound like the latest marketing buzzword but in the context of an inbound content marketing... Read More

How to Engage Your Audience in 4 Seconds

Whichever tools you use to market your business, you have around four seconds to engage your audience, before they look elsewhere – and this applies whether we’re talking about online or offline media. That piece of direct mail you spent hours crafting, the handout for an upcoming trade show, the landing page for your new... Read More

Still Ignoring Your Mobile Visitors? At What Cost?

Businesses can't afford to ignore mobile visitors.

Do you sleep with your smartphone next to your pillow? Don’t laugh. Ridiculous as it may sound, a study by Stanford University found that 75% of iPhone users take their phones to bed with them. In the same study, 67% of respondents said they were more likely to leave their wallet at home than their... Read More

No-one Can Find My Website – Help!

The harsh reality is this: very few people stumble upon any website by accident. Usually they are directed to a particular website as a result of a Google search, or they have clicked a link in a social media post. This ‘Field of Dreams: build it and they will come’ mentality has given rise to... Read More

Why Your B2B Business Needs a Blog

  It’s a fact of life: people buy from people they know, like and trust. That’s you, right? Knowledgeable; likeable; trustworthy. The only problem is, there are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of potential buyers among your target audience who haven’t ‘met’ you yet. People who would be a perfect fit for your product or... Read More

I’m a Web Designer . . . Get Me Out of Here!

A lifebuoy ring with the word Help

What to do if Your Web Design Company goes AWOL So you think the unthinkable is never going to happen to you? That lovely web design company you’ve enjoyed a cordial relationship with these past three years would never leave you in the lurch, would they? But what if…your frantic daily calls to the web company... Read More

What to do if Your Web Design Company goes AWOL

A lifebuoy ring with the word Help

So you think the unthinkable is never going to happen to you? That lovely web design company you’ve enjoyed a cordial relationship with these past three years would never leave you in the lurch, would they? But what if…your frantic daily calls to the web company aren’t being returned. Your twenty or so emails are out... Read More

You Don’t Need a Website

“Can I talk to you about my website?” Is a phrase I often hear when I am out and about networking. “Sure, let’s make a date.” is usually my immediate reply, but it will not be long before I am saying “You don’t need a website.” This is not the kind of thing you might... Read More

What Does Your Website Say About You?

SpiritLevel website redesign

When you’re in the communications’ business you need a website that truly resonates with your clients; a web presence that promotes your values and compels your audience to act. But when SpiritLevel Communications’ founder Allen Moxham chose to work with Orange and Blue as a ‘Solutions’ client, Allen aspired to take this maxim one stage... Read More

OACP Launches New Social Care Recruitment Service

Social Care recruitment in Oxford is feeling the strain. A BBC report on 19th October revealed that Oxford, (not London), is now the most expensive place to live in the country. The shortfall in affordable housing, combined with a social care workforce turnover rate of 27.7% (July 2015), means there is a constant struggle to... Read More

AcSS Move Fuels Growth Potential

Many congratulations to the Academy of Social Sciences, (AcSS), whose administrative office moved into prestigious new premises in Finsbury Square on 19th October. The Academy’s new home is sited within the University of Liverpool’s London campus and the relocation of the secretariat to this impressive new venue offers a wealth of growth potential, as well... Read More