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Define Growth Agency

A Growth Agency works with clients, delivering value by focusing on the outcomes and learning together how to grow the client’s company or organisation.

There are several things to note about this definition.

with’: Collaboration is at the heart of the relationship that growth agencies have with their clients. It has to be. The agency is working on the growth goals at the heart of the client’s organisation. The agency has to ask hard questions and be party to conversations, and even decisions, about the nature and direction of the business. This level of collaboration is key to the success of any growth agency engagement.

value’: An agency running well will always produce more than the sum of the parts regarding creative output and productivity. However, a growth agency focuses on delivering value. A client should expect to get more than they bargained for, although this does not always mean that they will be receptive to a different approach and perspective. In other words, ask a growth agency to design a leaflet and it may come back with a marketing strategy.

outcomes”: Just because you have a marketing asset, it does not mean it works. It is relatively easy to build a website that looks good and perhaps even does a decent job, but the website is just the asset. A growth agency will be focused on the outcomes: How many leads? What are the sales figures? How many members? What is the reach and engagement? Assets are then put to work in the pursuit of these outcomes.

learning’: There are too many unpredictables, variables and uncertainties to offer easy 123-solutions: build this landing page, pay this advertising and watch the sign-ups grow. Instead, we are working with humans in changing times with disruptive and evolving technologies. So a growth agency dedicates itself to measuring and testing everything it produces for their client to be able to adapt to the shifting landscape. This learning is as valuable as any other outcome.

grow’: Clearly there is no point in engaging a growth agency if it does not produce growth. A growth agency will want to establish the goals and growth markers they are measuring. They will want to know what counts as success. There is very rarely a quick fix; instead growth agencies will be focused on establishing a foundation of growth that will reap rewards for months and years to come.