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Engaging Families With Sponsored Events

Families are an essential audience for marketing sponsored events as they tend to have a fantastic social network through friends, school and local clubs which means they have plenty of opportunities to spread the word, perfect if they are attending one of your sponsored events. In other words if you want to increase your audience and increase funding then engaging with families is a must. Although it presents itself as an opportunity, for many charities and not for profit organisations it is not an easy task as their current audience i.e. members may not be families and the marketing tools used may not reach out to them.

Let’s consider the example of a local historic churches trust. They have a core of aging supporters and members but really needed to engage families in their annual Ride and Stride event. A group they have historically struggled to engage. Using targeted content and images to run a social media campaign using both Facebook and Twitter to communicate to local press, influencers and in local Facebook groups which resulted in an organic reach way beyond anything they could have hoped for and we saw an uplift in interest and participation from families. As an annual event, the campaign will have a compound effect each year and we anticipate seeing a fruit from last year’s labour.

To help you consider how to engage families with your sponsored events take a look at our top tips:

Your Target Audience:

Consider why you want to engage with families and what’s in it for them, how can you entice them to get involved?

Key Messages:

Use this information to devise some key messages to use in your communications that will get families interested

Engaging Images:

Consider having some images taken or use images of your previous events where families have been involved. Images and videos provide excellent content for communications, social media in particular.

Easy Sign Up:

Make sign up processes simple and easy to use and easy to access from your social media and/or website. Always include a call to action with any content including social media, blogs and emails

Get The Word Out:

Use your key messages and images to produce a press release that can be communicated to local press, interest groups, schools, family magazines as well as key influencers

Family Fun:

Cater for families at your sponsored events i.e lay on activities that will appeal such as a bouncy castle, entertainment, arts/crafts or even at a location where there is a park. As a parent with two small children i am much more likely to attend an event if there are things to occupy them.

Social Media Is Key:

Social Media is Key to engaging with families. Not only are parents avid users of social media but there are hundreds of local groups on Facebook that provide an excellent opportunity for communications. Don’t worry if you have limited followers on your Facebook or Twitter page you can use your channels to be proactive using direct messages, communicating with local influencers such as parenting bloggers, joining and posting in relevant groups and even boosting some of your posts using ads targeted at your ideal audience i.e local parents.It is important to remember to think carefully and plan your content as your goal is to stand out in the feeds of your target audience and get some measurable results

We love working with charities and not for profit organisations offering the following:

  • CRM Systems
  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Branding, Design and print
  • Website (design, development, maintenance and hosting)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • Direct email campaigns and email management


What we offer most of all is an integrated approach to communications in order to find, build and engage an audience in order to help fulfil the aims of any charity or organisation. Please do feel free to get in touch to talk informally about how we can help. We’ll gladly offer a communications audit and review with no obligation.


Michelle Aston

Our Engagement Engineer loves working with our wonderful clients helping to engage their audience via social media channels, direct email campaigns and website content