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Go Mobile: Choose ‘Future-Proof’ Responsive Web Design

With sales made from mobile devices eclipsing ‘desktop’ sales for the first time last year, you know you need a mobile web solution that works seamlessly for your business. But which one?

When people talk about websites being ‘mobile-friendly’ generally they are referring to those which incorporate ‘responsive design’ technology.

Choosing responsive web design means that your site’s content will ‘reshuffle’ itself to adapt to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. One advantage of using ‘proportion-based’ grids to resize your web content, is that this kind of responsive design uses a single codebase, as opposed to creating code for each separate device type – reducing the development time considerably.

This single codebase can be readily adapted to accommodate new product launches within the mobile marketplace – for example if a new screen size or smartphone model is introduced, making this technology (virtually) future-proof.

Unless you have a huge website with thousands of pages negatively impacting on your loading time, a responsive design should ensure your site remains compliant for many years to come.

Smart Content Prioritisation: the Key to Success with Mobile Web Design

No-one enjoys endless scrolling to get to the ‘meat’ of an article and it’s even less comfortable on a smartphone; therefore smart content prioritisation is the key to helping your visitors find what they are searching for easily and quickly.

The latest IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) data tells us unequivocally that buyers are less patient when it comes to making purchases via mobile  – with bounce rates from mobile devices registering at 35.4%. Checkout abandonment rates are significantly higher too – 52% more than those transactions made via desktop devices.

This is where choosing the right web design company can make a world of difference to your success in the ‘mobile commerce’ minefield. Any web design and development company worth their salt will take the time to get to know your business, your target audience and your goals for doing business online, before presenting a fuss-free mobile solution.

As an ambitious business owner, you recognise the significant value a mobile-friendly website could deliver for your business. A mobile solution that utilises the latest in responsive web design best practice means you have a greater chance of succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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Jan Jordyn

Our Content Manager, Jan is excited about the amazing opportunities mobile marketing offers. Right now, 'as we speak', the Orange and Blue team is investing in new ways of delivering dynamic content across multiple devices, for powerful audience engagement.