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Why We Love Working With Historic Church Trusts

Unless you regularly attend Church or have a keen interest in local church history and architecture it is unlikely that you’ve heard of your local historic church trust. This presents itself as both an issue and an opportunity for them to spread the news of all the great work they do. Not only providing grants for repairs but funds to improve and add additional necessary facilities to church buildings so that they can be better utilised by the local community. Providing not only a place of sanctuary but a community venue for events, clubs and groups accessible to all ages.

Here at Orange and Blue, we feel that this is without a doubt, something to shout about, even something to Ride and Stride about! This is something we want to help with, using our knowledge, skills and experience.

Here is why we love working with Church trusts:

  • We share their values, working for the good of the local community, encouraging participation and being motivated by faith as much as by anything else.
  • We have in-house experience and knowledge, Graham our Director is an ordained priest in the Church of England with more than 20 years of full time and self-supporting ministry. Alongside this, postgrad studies in ecclesiology and contemporary culture means we have particular skills that are difficult to find or brief on.
  • We fully understand the issues facing such organisations,  including increasing Ride and Stride participation, engaging with local families and interest groups and streamlining processes to save the precious time of their dedicated volunteers.

We work with Historic Church Trusts offering the following:

  • CRM Systems
  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Branding, Design and print
  • Website (design, development, maintenance and hosting)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • Direct email campaigns and email management

However, what we offer most of all is an integrated approach to communications in order to find, build and engage an audience in order to help fulfil the aims of an historic churches trust, or indeed any charity or organisation.


If you represent an historic churches trust, then please do feel free to get in touch to talk informally about how we are working with the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust. We’ll gladly offer a communications audit and review with no obligation.


Michelle Aston

Our Engagement Engineer loves working with our wonderful clients helping to engage their audience via social media channels, direct email campaigns and website content