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Saving Time, Saving Paper

Not only do church trusts across the country share the same purpose to repair and restore churches, they also share a common problem: the key user journeys; that of applying for a grant and participating in sponsored events such as Ride and Stride are resource intensive both in terms of time and paper.

As a charity, church trusts have limited resources, the majority of which are voluntary so making the best use of the limited resources is essential. Volunteers are involved in the lengthy process of registering those for sponsored events, ensuring sponsorship forms are completed properly, updating spreadsheets, collecting funds and obtaining gift aid. That is just for the participants, much time and effort is required liaising with participating churches and the local coordinators and we’ve not even touched on the marketing required.

It is a similar story for the grant application process which for the majority of church trusts remains a timely paper process preparing paperwork, updating spreadsheets as well as continual communication with council members such as the local area representatives and church contacts applying for a grant.

At Orange and Blue we have been working with a local church trust for a number of years now so we know only too well the issues they face with administering sponsored events and grants and maintaining member details. This is why we are working with them to create a CRM to greatly reduce paper processes and records and importantly save precious volunteer time. The CRM enables online registration for sponsored events, grant applications, event bookings, online donations and a membership database. This not only saves resources for the trust but ensures the trust remains accessible to new wider audiences who prefer to carry out such tasks and processes online in a simple way.


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