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Website Hosting: Have You Locked The Door?

So you’ve just spent lots of money on a new website and are looking to keep costs down. Website Hosting is not only essential to having a website, but it needs to remain safe, secure and fit for purpose. As such, price is not the only thing to consider. Our series of blogs will help you better understand your website’s hosting by asking three key questions:

  • Who are you in bed with?
  • Have you locked the door?
  • Are you ready for the party?

Have You Locked The Door?

It’s not uncommon to see news items about hackers getting the better of large websites and making off with valuable data. This is an issue whatever the size of the site. Programmes written by hackers roam the internet looking for sites where the door has accidentally been left unlocked. The site can become unresponsive, as they try to guess your password, or worse still the site can become a launchpad for spam attacks and even more dubious activity. Recovering the site can be time consuming and expensive.

We do not wait for things to go wrong, instead we install preventative software on the individual websites and on our server. We actively protect our sites from known issues and attacks by following industry standard recognised practices.

If we get it wrong and something bad happens, we’ll fix it straight away.

If you would like us to assess your current hosting or find out about our affordable hosting packages then please contact us using the contact form.

Look out for our next blog: Are you ready for the party?

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Graham Stacey

Graham Stacey

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