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Why Your B2B Business Needs a Blog


It’s a fact of life: people buy from people they know, like and trust.

That’s you, right? Knowledgeable; likeable; trustworthy.

The only problem is, there are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of potential buyers among your target audience who haven’t ‘met’ you yet. People who would be a perfect fit for your product or service if only you had the chance to connect with them.

Luckily for you and your team, this hurdle is easily overcome – with the aid of a business blog.

Out-Smart the Competition

Chances are that your closest competitors aren’t blogging regularly; and even if they are, it’s highly likely that their content won’t be as rich, relevant and engaging, as it could be. A recent study by leading online marketing software provider, HubSpot, reveals that: “companies that blog 20 or more times per month see the biggest return in traffic and leads.”

Clearly, there’s an opportunity for an ambitious B2B business such as yours to capture the hearts and minds of key decision makers within your target market; to become the thought leader and ‘go to’ authority within your industry or sector.

There’s no doubt, maintaining a quality blog your prospects can relate to will position your company head and shoulders above the competition. Plus you’ll be able to measure your blog’s impact in terms of reach, engagement, enquiries – and crucially – financial returns against your investment.

Marketing Minus the ‘Hard Sell’

In today’s hectic business environment, where fear of making the wrong decision frequently overrides the urge to act, we are hard-wired to reject disruptive sales tactics. Techniques such as ‘interruption marketing’, which may have yielded a favourable response five years ago, no longer cut it with today’s key decision makers. Nowadays, our target audience expects to be able to set the agenda for where, when and how, they interact with us, rather than the other way around.

Your business blog will enable your audience to tap into your expertise and know-how at their convenience and when they like what they see, they are more likely to want to engage with your company and choose to do business with you.

How Blogging Can Win You More Clients (Almost) Effortlessly

In a social setting, it’s only human nature that we tend to gravitate towards the people who appear to understand us: our most urgent wants, needs and desires; and it’s exactly the same in business.

Once you can demonstrate that not only do you recognise your audience’s most pressing ‘pain points’, but you have the ability to address those pain points and deliver a viable solution, don’t you think business owners and decision makers might be more inclined to hand their business over to you?

Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Clients through Providing Valuable Content

Blogging is one channel of an effective inbound content marketing strategy. Every time you publish a blog post you have an opportunity to connect with more of your ideal clients, increase your site’s visibility with the major search engines, (SEO), and demonstrate why potential clients should choose your business over your closest competitors’.

Inbound content marketing is the key to building long-lasting and profitable relationships that result in ‘win-win’ encounters for you and your clients. Every great relationship starts with a conversation. Today the most effective way to begin that conversation online is via a business blog. So start planning your company’s business blog today and begin reaping the rewards of growing more profitable relationships online.



Blogging has the ability to take your business to another level in terms of audience engagement, in a way no other marketing platform can match. If you'd like help building an 'authority blog' that will get you more leads, arrange your FREE consultation with the Orange and Blue team today. Call us on 01865 590515 now.


Jan Jordyn

Jan Jordyn is Orange and Blue's Content Manager, specialising in audience engagement. Jan has 10 years' experience in copywriting and marketing and is herself a prolific blogger.